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This blog supports a training programme for postgraduate students at the University of St Andrews (Scotland) entitled ‘Studying Early Modern France: Archives, Texts, Images’. It is organized by Bram van Leuveren, a PhD candidate at the School of Modern Languages who works on sixteenth and seventeenth century French court festivals. The programme is divided into five sessions of two hours each, held biweekly throughout October, November and December 2015.

The blog contains brief reports of each workshop session as well as links to relevant secondary literature. Visitors are invited to comment and share their own experiences with archival research—in France or anywhere else across the world. Discussions about working at archives in different countries are encouraged! Participants of the training programme are free to share their own thoughts, notes or reports of the sessions. If you would like to see your writings uploaded on the blog, please contact Bram at bvl@st-andrews.ac.uk.

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The PG training programme
The training programme ‘Studying Early Modern France: Archives, Texts, Images’ responds to the needs of postgraduate students at British universities working on early modern France in a range of disciplines. They are required to deal with the complex organization of French archives, read manuscripts in specifically French handwriting styles and examine a variety of French source materials—both written and visual—that are not always easy to find and process.

Archival training offered by British universities, though useful, often proves too general and broad-ranging to help students gaining skills in these areas. The training programme aims to address this gap by providing specialist research training in the use and understanding of early modern French sources, while also focusing on the interdisciplinary character of archival research in France more generally.

Written by: Bram van Leuveren
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